Thursday, 15 November 2012

Dove Creme Body Wash

This colde weather is something else,isn't it? Not only am I freezing constantly but my poor skin is not reacting well to it at all.It's dry and dull so when I was sent the new Dove Creme Body Wash, it came in very handy.It is available is two varients- deep nourishing and brightening.
The body wash is a thick creamy mousse that glides effortlessy onto your skin. 

The Dove Creme Body Wash  contains NutrimMoisture,which is a unique blend of mild cleansers and skin natural nutrients, adressing lipid and protein damage, which can be caused by regular shower gels, leaving skin with deep nourishment. I really like the body wash, the texture is very comforting and I have noticed that my skin isn't as dry as it was. You can find the new Dove Creme Body Wash is available nationwide and is priced at €4.06 but keep you eye out in supermarkets and Boots for special offers
xxx Have you tried this lovely yet? xxx


  1. I used to used the dove pomegranate one a while back but I'm afraid my lush stuff has taken over ;)

  2. I was going to say the EXACT same thing as Aundrea, I have been using all lush products in my shower for over a month now. How bad are we!!

  3. Lush shower products are gorge so I can't blame you :)


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