Monday, 26 November 2012

Embracing My Inner Calm With Yantra Mat

My days are pretty manic looking after the little man and working.By the end of the day,my back is In bits and I would be very happy with a massage.Of course,I never get one. That all changed this week when the Yantra Mat arrived on my doorstep.
While not strictly a massage,the 8820 accupressure points can ease muscle tension, aches and pains. Sounded devine to me so I have given it a few tries, now I won't lie, this lovely is quite uncomforable at first so I reccomend putting a thin towel between yourself and the mat. You can see how it takes some getting used to when you see this staring back at you.
You can choose to lie on your back or front when using the matt. Lying on your back stimulating acupressure points along the spine to help soothe back problems while lying on your front can help to improve your metabolism and loosen tightness in the diaphragm and respiratory muscles.  Suffer from tightness in the neck and jaw? Use your yantra mat to help loosen that tightness by lying on your cheek.
I've only used it a few times but so far I can see a vast improvemtn in the discomfort on my lower back, I've yet to work up the courage to try lying on my stomach with it.
The Yantra Mat is half price at €29.90 (RRP €49.95), and is available from Lifes2good on 1890 35 10 10 and online at
xxx Would you be willing to try this to help with back pain? xxx

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