Saturday, 10 November 2012

Get Yourself Some Happy Feet

Have you ever been on a night out or at a special occassion and wish you hadnt worn that pair of sky high heels? I know I have. I’m not one for heels, I love pretty shoes, don’t get me wrong. I just can’t wear them for longer than an hour without being in agony and without painful blisters. I’d heard about roll up shoes that you could buy and change into on your way home from a night out but had never tried them. The skeptic in me didn’t think they would be that good.
How wrong was I? The lovely people at Happy Feet sent me a pair of their roll up shoes to try out. Just in time for my cousins wedding in two weeks and all. Happy Feet shoes are little knights in shining armour designed to relieve the pain of those killer heels. They are compact enough to be carried in your handbag and each pair come with a matching carry bag for your heels. I choose a black pair but they also come in Stunning Silver, Pretty Pink and Glittery Gold. Each pair cost £7.99 (approx €10) and shipping costs another £5 (approx €6.90).
I couldn’t help but try them on as soon as they arrived in the door, and fell in love. They are incredible comfortable and look quite stylish.If I hadn’t of been heading out to an event, they would have stayed on my feet.
Pop over to Happy Feet and say hi on their website, facebook or twitter
xxx Have you ever tried roll up shoes to help with the pain of high heels? xxx

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