Thursday, 8 November 2012

Hello From My New Blog

Hi Everyone,Anita from Anitas Beauty Blog here.

During the week, Anitas Beauty Blog was deactivated over on Wordpress for unknown reasons.
I'm a little sad as Wordpress is where the blog started out but I'm also embracing it by seeing this as a new start for my blogging.Unfortunately, Anitas Beauty Blog is not available here on Blogger so the blog will now be called Anita's Beauty Spot.

Over the next week or so,I'll be transferring everything over from Wordpress as well as posting new reviews etc. My Twitter,Facebook and email will remain the same.

Id like to thank all my loyal readers on Wordpress and hope you enjoy the new blog. Remember to sign up to receive all the new posts and feel free to read through all my old posts
Anita xxxx


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