Sunday, 11 November 2012

Naturigin Hair Colour

I’ve been dying my hair for as long as I can remember, it first started out as blonde highlights but as I got older the blonde highlights were replaced with an all over colour of chocolate brown or something similar. When I was pregnant, I dreaded the thoughts of not being able to dye my hair but thankfully my hairdresser recommended a henna hair dye. I usually dye my hair with L’Orealr Creme Gloss but a few weeks ago I was offered the chance to try Naturigin Organic Hair Colour from the lovely folks over at Simply Natural.
This organic hair colour is available in 19 shades and retails at €10.95. I choose to try dark blonde, thinking it would make a change to my usual choice.What I really like aboout it is that the colours are 100% Ammonia and Parabens free. It’s also made with Natural Oils and Extracts. The development time is 30 mins but it being the first time using it,I opted for 20 minutes.
After following the instructions, I was left with a lovely colour in my hair. It’s a little darker than I expected the colour to turn out but I like it. At first it was a bit of a shock but that was more down to the fact, I haven’t had any colour in my hair since my trip to Hessions.
The hair dye doesn’t have any unpleasant smell and was easy enough to prepare. I think I would definitely buy this again instead of opting for something like the Casting Creme Gloss. I do think next time, I would try a different shade though.
xxx Have you tried Naturigin or any other natural hair dyes? xxx

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