Friday, 9 November 2012

Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter is well and truly on the way. As the days get colder it's really inmportant to look after your skin. I always suffer from dry skin coming into the winter. It can be really frustrating! Last week I turned to skin care guru Mariga Sheedy from Skin Essentials By Mariga for tips on looking after your skin during the winter months.
Heres what advice she has for you:

One of the biggest problems for skin in the winter is the loss of water through the epidermis due to cold air and heated rooms. This breaks down the defence layer of your skin, allowing water to evaporate too quickly, leading to dryness, flaking and irritation. Underlying problems such as acne and rosacea will become worse.
Tips to combat moisture loss:
-Use a night cream or oil even if you have oily skin to keep moisture sealed in.
-Leave-on moisturising masks are great to use once or twice a week at night if you have dry skin.
-You still need an SPF during the day but add a couple of drops of Rosehip Seed Oil underneath if you have normal skin, Nourishing Oil if you have dry skin.
-If suitable for you take a supplement of Omega 3,6,9 to strengthen skin from the inside.
-Reduce exfoliation to decrease stress on the skin's defence layer.
-Don't scrub, ever! Use an enzyme based exfoliant.
-If you find it hard to drink water in the winter try green or white tea to hydrate without making you cold!
-The ingredients to look for in your skincare are essential fatty acids, hyaluronic acid and natural (non-fragrant) oils such as rose hip, jojoba, avocado seed.
-If you work/live in a very dry environment consider investing in a humidifier or place a bowl of water near the radiator.
-For dry skin on your body add a few drops of rosehip seed oil to your bath water, but be careful not to slip :)

Mariga's skincare range is fantastic, I'm a huge fan of the nourishing oil but here are some other lovelies from her range ideal for Winter:

L-R Rosehip Oil €20/30ml,Nourishing Oil €15/15ml,
Lipid Repair Concentrate (for dry, damaged skin) €55/30ml
You should also use the
SPF30 day cream €30/30ml and
Skin Comfort Cleanser €22/30ml

There is loads of choice on the market for Winter Skincare, my personal favourites are the Vichy Aqualia
Thermal Serum, Mask & Mineral Balm. These lovelies are like a drink of water for your skin. I especially love applying the Mineral Balm as a super hydrating mask, pop a good layer on and lie back for 5-10 minutes. You will love it.


I'm always on the lookout for a decent day cream and had heard of Lancomes Genefique Nutric Nourishing Youth Activating Cream.So the other day I tried a bit. This is a rich luxurious cream that claims to change the behaviour patterns of dry skin, maybe even banishing dry skin to your past. Sounds like a miracle to me so come pay day, I'll be buying the 30ml (€35)to try out.

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