Thursday, 13 December 2012

Avoiding Counterfeit Cosmetics

Unfortunately, it's that time of year again where the availability of Counterfeit Cosmetics is even bigger due to Christmas stands on our high streets. Last year I posted on the old blog how to spot a fake and some other helpful information so wanted to re share it with you.

Over the last few years,there has been an increase in the availability of fake cosmetics in Ireland (MAC and Benefit to name a few). These cosmetics are purchased cheaply from Asia and lure people with the cheap prices. But you are getting more than you bargained for when getting that lust have product at an insanely low price.

You can never be sure what exactly has gone into these fakes, alot of the ingredients are extremely harmful and can give you a pretty nasty allergic reaction or worse. ( I recently read that some can cause burning to the skin)

So, how do you avoid and spot a fake?
  • Common sense will take you a long way. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is!
  • Never buy MAC,Bobbi Brown etc on any website (including Ebay) other than the official websites or department stores.
  • Look for typos on the packaging. This is a dead giveaway as a professional brand will always have proper spelling on their packaging.
  • Eyeshadow palette’s that have triangle eyeshadows are fake.
  • Eyeshadow that is imprinted with MAC’s logo are fake.
  • Real MAC lipsticks and lipglasses should have a distinct vanilla smell to them.
  • Nars never writes their name on their products.
  • Genuine Bobbi Brown palettes always have proper B.B. brushes with their logo! Fake palettes have these plain black, cheap sponge applicators.
  • Authentic B.Brown palettes always have proper names on the box such as surf & sand, pink raspberry & mauve face. The fake palettes DON’T have these names just some madeup title such as 12 colours eyeshadow palette or Eyeshadows Palette 12colour shimmer 02!
  • Real MAC eyeshadow shouldn’t have a fragrance.  Fakes might smell like cinnamon or another fragrance.
There are loads more tips if you would like to email me and I can share them with you.. The reason I don’t want to share all of them on here is that the manufacturers of these fake products spend hours on the web looking at blog posts to see how they can make their product look more authentic.

xxx Hope you find this helpful xxx

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