Sunday, 9 December 2012

Love Irish: Cocoa Brown Tan

I'm a bit of a false tan fiend.When I heard of a new Irish offering from the stunning Marissa Carter, I knew I had to give it a try. Named Cocoa Brown Tan, this lovely is a mousse tan that is very budget friendly and can be done the same day as the event you need a tan for.

Before I go into the full details on the lovely, can I just say how gorgeously girlie the product is. It's Pink and practical in a can container meaning if it gets dirty,you can simply stick it under the tap and rinse the makeup off.  Marissa wanted Cocoa Brown to be a dressing table product, one you would be proud to have on display. I definitely think she has pulled this off and mine will be taking pride of place on the dressing table after I do a second application tomorrow.

Gorgeous Girly Packaging
How Incredible Is the Volume In The Mousse?

Marissa has taken a lot of care in choosing her ingredients for Cocoa Brown and have kept us girls with dry or sensitive skin in mind. There are lots of exciting ingredients in Cocoa Brown but the ones I particularly am fond of are:
  • DMI which grabs hold of the DHA in the tan and pulls it into the deeper layers of your skin, ensuring the tan doesn't oxidise and leave that yucky biscuit smell. DMI is also a tan accelerator, so your tan will develop in one hour for a light tan, if you like a medium tan, leave for 2 hours and if you like dark tan leave for three hours then rinse.
  • A natural alternative to nasty parabens
  • An innovative ingredient that can also be found in eye drops and orange juice that helps the tan glide on incredible smoothly.
  • The alcohol content has been halved to 12.5% meaning that it wont aggravate dry or sensitive skin but it doesn't sacrifice on drying time.
 What about the smell I hear you say? The tan has a gorgeous floral Tahitian Gardenia scent and because of the DMI I didnt smell anything like biscuits. Unlike other tans Cocoa Brown isn't masked with a scent.

I applied the tan the next day and found it so easy and foolproof. I always dread applying tan but Cocoa Brown applied effortlessly. It took me 5 minutes to apply and as soon as one area was tanned, it had dried. So there was no walking around like John Wayne waiting for it to dry. There was also no tan stain on my clothes. The result? Liking a dark tan,I would have done three hours but by the time little man was in bed, I only had time for two hours. Two hours was the perfect amount of time for an incredibly natural golden glow.

Cocoa Brown Tan only launched a few weeks ago and is already in 320 pharmacies across the country. It retails at a very reasonable €7.99. There is also a very girlie pink tanning mitt available which I really like. I usually find my tanning mitts move all over the place when I'm applying tan but this lovely stayed put.

xxx Have you tried this lovely yet or will you be heading to their Facebook page to find your nearest stockist? xxx


  1. Replies
    1. It's the most incredible tan on the market. I'm in the love with it ;) it looks stunning on you Hun, but the great thing is, it will complement every skin tone. It's amazing. Great review as always Hun :) xx

    2. It definitely will do all skin tones. Aw thanks hun, glad you enjoyed reading it :) xx

  2. Sounds very good. Need give try. :)

  3. Every year I keep saying I need to get 'pin' ready for the summer! I must try this out as have heard great reviews of their products


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