Friday, 25 January 2013

My Picks For Eye Makeup Removers

I'm quite bad at removing my Eye Makeup Remover, which inevitably leads to panda eyes in the morning. However, since before Christmas I have been really trying to be better at using eye makeup removers. There is a good few eye makeup removers on the market ranging from cheap as chips to seriously expensive. Here are the two, I have been using.

La Roche Posay Toleraine Eye Makeup Remover

Over the years I have tried many an eye makeup remover but this is one I always return to this. I can't get enough of them, they are gentle on the eyes while removing the bulk of my eye makeup. They don't hold up well against heavy eye makeup but for everyday, I find them a godsend. I also love the fact that they are single dose so when I travel, I can pop a few in my makeup bag without them taking up lots of space.These retail at €15.50 and are available in pharmacies nationwide.

Essence Eye Makeup Remover is a newbie to me, as in I only purchased it recently. I was in Penneys and had a gift voucher for €30. I didnt want to buy clothes so bought a new handbag and some other bits. I've wanted to try something from the Essence skincare range for a while and the eye makeup remover jumped out at me. I'll be honest it was mainly the price. A mere €1.90, or so I thought. Turns out it was reduced to 50c! Happy Days!

How did I find it? I really liked it. The formula is 2 phase for double effectiveness. The blue phase is slightly oily meaning it will have no trouble removing eye makeup including waterproof products. The clear phase refreshes the eye area. Essence also recommend using it to remove long lasting lipstick. To get the effect of the two phases, give the bottle a shake before using. This lovely kind of reminds me of Lancome's  Bi Facil but much cheaper

xxx Have you tried either of these lovelies? What's your favourite eye makeup remover? xxx

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  1. I love the essence one too! works a treat to remove heavy eye makeup and Lip stains too!


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