Friday, 15 February 2013

Garnier Olia 6.0 Light Brown Review

It's ages since I coloured my hair so I decided to buy a hair colour. Having seen the ads for Garnier Olia, I was intrigued and last week while I was up North, I picked up the Light Brown Shade in Tesco for £5.99 (around €7). It retails down here for at least €10.99, in some places up to €15. So I think a bargain was definitely had.

What is Olia?

Olia is the first oil powered home colour. Olia offers permanent hair colour and even coverage of grey hair without the need for ammonia. The applicator bottle is a snazzy drop bottle designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. the hair colour is a velvety cream texture and features a gorgeous fragrance. Which I am greatful for, because the smell of hair colours can make me feel a bit queasy.

Like with any hair colour, a patch test 48 hours before hand is recommended to help avoid any nasty reactions. Also apply to unwashed dry hair. Pour the developed cream into the bottle followed by the colour, then shake well to make sure it is mixed well. Then section of your hair and apply evenly throughout. If like me you haven't coloured your hair in a while, leave it on for 30 minutes. If it's just to re do your roots, leave the colour on for 20 minutes.

Once the 30 minutes are up, put your CSI gloves back on and massage the colour into your hair and then add a little water to allow the colour to foam. Once this is down, keep rinsing until the water runs clear. then apply the conditioner, leave for a few minutes and rinse again.

How It Turned Out

 I found the application easy enough,taking just 10 minutes to get my hair. After waiting the 30 minutes, I was left with a gorgeous colour in my hair and a definite shine. In the days since colouring my hair, my hair feels softer and more nourished. I think I will definitely keep my eye out for promotions on this and

xxx Have you tried Olia? xxx

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