Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Lytess Shapewear: A New Revolution

I'm all about shapewear, anything that sucks in my tummy is an uncomfy welcome. However, a new revolution is upon us- Shapewear that not only shapes but can also help slimming. Hmm... I hear you say. I was doubtful too but I'm trying to get back on the weight loss wagon and  loved the sound of Lytess Corrective Belt Panties and was lucky enough to get sent a pair to try out.

Before I tell you how I got on with these, I'll share some background information on the Lytess range. Lytess are a french brand that are the only brand worldwide that shapes, slims and sculpts. A bold claim but they have a scientific study to back them up. In independent studies, women using Lytess Sculpt and Slim garments lost as much as 2.1 inches off their hips and 1.2 inches off their thighs in just 21 days. 
These smart garments are infused with caffeine and shea butter, their garments
work continuously to remove fat and condition skin, leaving you slimmer and smoother.

Enough science, let me tell you how I got on with them. I really liked them, out of all the shapewear I have tried, I definitely found these the best for sucking in my my tummy. As for losing inches, I lost just over two inches on my belly. That was wearing them almost everyday. (With recent events, there were days I didnt wear them ) I am going to continue wearing them for the next month or so while I am in work to see if I lose any more inches. 

I requested the L/XL size but in reality I should have tried S/M. There were no major downfalls to wearing the panties as they are very comfortably, the only thing I didnt like is that the top of the garment keeps rolling down from under my bust.

The Sculpt and Slim panties retail at €42.90 and are available in Black or Nude.There are also Sculpt and Slim Shorts which retail at €49.90. I think if I was going to purchase I would go with the shorts as they also work on your bum and thighs. 

The Lytess range is available in McCabes Pharmacy, Sam McCauley Pharmacies and on

xxx Would you give these a try? xxx

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