Monday, 15 April 2013

Fuschia Tinted Veil

While at the Beauty Show a few weeks ago, myself and Donna came across the Fuschia makeup stand. I used Fuschia years ago but kind of forgot about them. In need of a new primer and being shocked at another stand wanting €10 for the tiniest bottle of primer ever,I was eager to see what primers Fuschia did.

I had a choice of two, one which was similar to my beloved Paese Matte Makeup Base, which I love. Give me a silicone primer and I'm your friend forever. The other was a tinted veil that also looked brilliant. Dilemma! Which to choose? I did the only thing anyone in my shoes would do, I swatched the both of them in the hopes that I would come to a decision. 


Well, that was a complete fail, I liked the way both of them felt on my skin. SO then I though OK, be sensible about this, which one is sinking into your skin quicker. The reason I thought of this is because when I get ready for work, I need a primer that I can put on and not wait too long before putting on my foundation.

The Tinted Veil in Fair won the battle and I have to say I am delighted with my choice. On first sight this looks like a tinted silicon primer and feels like my beloved silicon primer so I love that. When I put it on, it immediately minimises any pores and fine lines. It stands up brilliant to my Paese primer and I feel like I am getting much longer wear out of my foundation.

This lovely cost me €15 at the Beauty Show but... that was the discounted price. To purchase it on or in store costs €30, a price I would be slightly hesitant at paying for a primer, but I get the feeling that this lovely will last quite a long time. In comparison the other primer I was considering costs €22 on the website No buyers remorse here but when I got home I wished I bought both.

xxx Have you ever purchased anything from Fuschia? xxx


  1. I absolutely cant fault this primer, and I would have no qualms about paying full price for ir either, great post x

    1. Thanks hun :) glad you enjoyed reading. I'll def be stocking up next beauty show


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