Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Essence Nail Art Peel Off Base Coat

I am a girl who loves nail polish. The one thing I dislike is having to use nail polish remover especially when it comes to glitter nail polish removal. Sure, there is the tinfoil method but its time consuming so I do a really bold thing and pick it off. Which leaves my nails in a right state.
Knowing this, Donna recommended Essence Peel Off Base coat. I cant remember the exact price but its around the €2.50 mark at bigger Essence stands.
The base coat goes on white (think Tippex) and dries clear after about 10 minutes. Once dry, you can paint away to your hearts content using regular or glitter polish.
Girls,say goodbye to the pain of nail polish remover, all you need is this lovely!
I am seriously impressed. When I noticed a couple of nails needed repainting all I had to do was effortlessly peel off the polish and pop on a fresh coat.
*The nail polish in these images is Isadora Sugar Crush Turquoise Crush, review coming next week. I also mentioned a secret weapon in last weeks N.O.T.D - this is it*
Will you give this lovely a try?


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