Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Holiday Packing

With the holiday coming round the corner, one thing has been flying around in my mind. How on earth am I going to fit everything myself,hubby and little man need for the 8 days we are away. We have 30kgs between us , I plan on bringing as little as possible so there is lots of room to bring home anything we buy over there. 
We are really lucky in that the apartments we have booked has a washing machine so this will definitely help cut down on our clothing luggage.I’ve little man’s clothes all packed because they take up the least amount of room. I've packed them in hubby's suitcase because he has far less things to bring then I do. Have sort of decided what I'll be packing for myself and hubby but still need to get a few bits.

When packing for any type of getaway, I try embrace the following tips:
  • Check with your airline what your baggage allowance is and aim for under the allowance to allow you to be able to buy some stuff while away. We are flying with Ryan Air and have 15kgs each.
  • Write a list of what clothes, makeup, accessories etc you will need to bring with you. If you have a hubby and children to think about write a list for them too. (I’m a sucker for writing lists, something I can thank my dad for)
  • Any beauty related items that can go into travel bottles, put them in travel bottles. I bought a great set in Dealz for €1.49 but then discovered shampoos, Shower Gels etc are really cheap so I'm going to buy toiletries over there then bin what we don't use. Anything that will minimise luggage is welcome.
  • Instead of bringing bottles of foundations,invest in a compact foundation or stick foundation.Spain is going to be hot so foundation wont last any length,instead I will pack a BB Cream for evening time.
  • Instead of bringing heaps of eyeshadows,opt for a couple of eyeshadow palettes.
  • When it comes to packing clothes, I favour the roll method,it seems to work perfectly for me
  • I pack shoes first and then fill around them with clothes.
  • If you’re taking on hand luggage,remember to stick to the under 100ml rule to avoid something being confiscated. I usually take on my handbag,which has my phone,purse, lipbalm and passports. This time round I also need to take on little mans nappy bag but any liquids and foods for him are exempt from the 100ml rule.
Have you any packing tips? Does your head spin like mine when it comes to packing? I’ll show you what beauties I am taking a few days before we go 

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  1. Im so jealous, when I went away I brought the minimal amount of make up ever


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