Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My Curiosity about Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye surgery is something I find intriguing.  I wear glasses, something that doesn't really bother me other than the constant need to prevent the little man from grabbing them. I've debated about laser eye surgery for years and every time I see an ad for the procedure, I contemplate saving up to have it done. The only thing holding me back is I hate things near my eyes so not sure how I would fair with the procedure
A reputable clinic like Optical Express is a good place to start when considering laser eye surgery. They can talk you through the procedure and aftercare.

 You can even discover whether your suitable for Laser Surgery on the website. Turns out I am suitable for the procedure

 Knowing that I would be suitable for the procedure, I investigated whether any complications can arise from the procedure. I discovered that dry eye syndrome can occur. The mother has dry eye syndrome so I know this can be treated with eye drops and a good Omega Oil supplement.
Not  feeling Laser surgery? Optical Express also offer eye tests and a wide range of designer glasses including Armani, Chanel and Gucci.
You can find out more on Optical Express by visiting them here.

Have you had laser eye surgery or would you ever consider the procedure?


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