Thursday, 23 May 2013

Watermelon Nails

Hi guys! It’s Audrey from the Nail Affair here with a guest post while the lovely Anita is sunning herself in Spain... Nope I’m not jealous *tears*. Anyways since the weather here is so unpredictable I figured I would take inspiration from the sunshine destination of Anita and do a summer mani! I did a small step by step tutorial for watermelon nails which I think look so pretty in the sun!
The main colours I used for this was a rediscovered love of mine, a beautiful coral pink from 17 called Coral Pop and the green is OPI Don’t Mess with OPI. I did the green as an accent finger and the rest as the coral pink. You can of course use any colours as long as it’s a nice deep green and a nice pinky red:)
On the green for the watermelon skin effect I took a lighter green and made squiggly lines (the official term I believe). You can do this with a small lip brush, a toothpick, a dotter or even a pencil:)

On the pink I drew a green french tip on each nail.

I drew black seeds on each nail which tapered at the end to give them a more seedy look. Seedy in the not bad way though:P

I also tried an optional white line seperation the green tip and pink. At first I really didn’t like this so I didn’t do it on the rest but as time has gone by it really has grown on me. At each green tip though I did the green squiggly lines for a continous effect:)

The finish fruit medley!

So that’s my post, I hope you guys enjoyed it:) If you want to see more of my nail designs be sure to check out my blog here. Or you can check out my instagram (  which is 80% nails 20% cute dog pictures haha:) 

Thanks so much too to Anita for having me x

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