Thursday, 20 June 2013

Orla Fallon Lullably Time

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A few months, I had the opportunity to listen to Orla Fallon's album Lullaby Time. Orla is a singer and harpist who hails from Co.Wicklow and Lullaby Time is the latest addition to her music collection.
On hearing the name of the album, I instantly had images of a calm serene album ideal for chilling out and also ideal for the little man at bedtime. I wasnt disappointed when I played this for the first time. Orla's voice is heavenly and the music that accompanies her voice is very soothing.
Lullaby Time features 15 gorgeous lullabies including an amazing version of Coldplay Yellow (a song I usually dislike),Suantrai (Brahms Lullaby) and When You Wish Upon A Star.
I really enjoy listening to the album, more so the little man is in love with it. I keep it on his bedside locker and many a night, he has taken it from there, brought it to me and points at the CD player.
If you have a little one or you are looking for some relaxation, this CD is for you.
Lullaby Time can be purchased at for €14.99 plus shipping.

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