Friday, 28 June 2013

Vote For Me Please

Hi lovely ladies, todays post is a shameless one. Oh La La Beauty Magazine are holding their first Blog and I would love if you could nominate me.
This blog means so much to me, I'm not sure I can put into words how much. I am constantly in blogging mode, even when I'm supposed to be working.I was overwhelmed by the support when I had to move over to Blogger and I love interacting with everyone either on here, on Facebook and Twitter.
If you like what I do, I would really appreciate a vote and if you can spread the word to friends and family that would be amazing. While you're there please vote for the many beauty bloggers we have here on our little island
You can vote by clicking here or clicking on the sidebar image
Thank you in advance


  1. Done :D The link in the side bar didn't open up properly for me though. Might just be my side of things.

    1. Thanks Sarah :) have voted for you too. Oh no :( I will have a look at it now and see if its something my end


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