Tuesday, 23 July 2013

NYC False Eyelashes

I very rarely wear false eyelashes. Not that I don't love them but I find applying them on myself a complete nightmare. Give me a row of girls to put them on and I'll be grand but no such luck when I'm putting them on myself. I've tried many brands of eyelashes from the cheap and cheerful to mid range. Ones I keep returning to are the NYC ones, they are a great price and have a lovely selection to choose from.

Here are my favourite style (#974)

*I had planned on wearing them last week but an allergic reaction to another eye product meant they will be kept for another day*

I love how they are pretty natural but have a bit of Va Va Voom to them. I have tiny eyes so I need to trim these lovelies quite a bit but that's nothing major. All the NYC lashes are self adhesive but I would recommend using something like Duo Glue or the Eyelure Lash Glue to give them a bit of staying power.

Have you tried NYC Lashes?

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