Monday, 15 July 2013

Shine On Blog Award

Last week, I was thrilled to hear the gorgeous Sarah from Adoreabubbles had nominated me for the Shine On Blog Award
As part of being nominated, I have to share 7 random facts about me so here they are.
  • I was and am a Westlife nut. I physical wept when I heard they were breaking up. Yes I am that sad.
  • I love horse riding, something I can thank my cousin for. If you were to get me an hour hack in the middle of the countryside, you would be my friend for life.
  • I haven't got a  note in my head but I love singing and having a boogie around the sitting room with the little man.
  • I love Robert Downey Jr, always have always will. Myself and Aundrea share this love.
  • I have to have the volume of the TV on an even number, it wrecks my head if it's not.
  • When I was a teenager, I was convinced I would never get married. This September I'll be married five years.
  • I'd quite happily sit for hours and watch episodes of Greys Anatomy
**Extra Fact- I love meeting up with my fellow bloggers for chats and cocktails**
Traditionally, I am meant to tag some other bloggers but I thought I would shake it up a bit and leave the floor open to anyone wanting to post or share some facts below


  1. Robert..really?! You and Aundrea are mad haha! The even volume number on the t.v is too funny! Thanks for doing this hun. :D

    1. There's just something about him lol
      I know, hubby thinks I'm mad evening out the volume on the telly
      No problem at all,thanks for tagging me


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