Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Bank Holiday Fun

I am in the very lucky position this week of having an extended Bank Holiday. We had planned to go up North and visit my cute 6 month old nephew. But alas, it wasn't meant to be with both his older brother and mum falling sick on Friday.
Stuck for something to do on Saturday, we jumped into the car and headed south. No idea where we would end up, just chilling out having a spin down some country roads. We do this quite a bit and have come across some lovely hidden gems. Before we knew it, we had arrived in The Meetings of The Waters in Avoca, Co.Wicklow. Somewhere neither of us had been for years but somewhere we wanted little man to experience.
On Sunday, we ended up going to the national country fair in Carlow. I usually love these type of fairs because you get to see things you wouldn't on a daily basis. There was a pretty cool air show and some amazing birds of prey but the majority of the fair was just shops or somewhere you could eat. In my opinion not worth the €15 in. Alas, we can't win them all but here are some pics of the bits we did enjoy
After a busy two days, we decided to chill out at home yesterday.
Hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday

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