Thursday, 22 August 2013

Delicious Low Carb Alternatives

Since going on Nupo, I've decided to go back to my low carb ways. So far, I have cut out rice, pasta, bread and potatoes. Most of which I'm not actually pushed on but I eat them for convenience sake cooking for my two men. Lately though I have made a real effort to stop eating them and tak ethe time to cook an alternative for myself.
 With this is mind, I wanted to share my three favourite low carb alternatives. All three are vegetables and all taste gorgeous

Cauliflower is a great alternative for rice or mash potatoes. You can either grate it or use a potato masher. Use it for curries, shephards pie, fish pies and stews.

I love knocking up a quick stirfry and always feel yuk after eating noodles. Enter the humble courgette. All I do it use a vegetable peeler to make strips out of the courgette and stirfry them quickly with a bit of garlic and low salt soy sauce.
Aubergines are another great alternative. It can be used instead of roast spuds but my favourite thing to do with it, ,is slice it thinly and use it to layer a lasagne.
Have you ever used these vegetables for these uses?

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