Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Kiss Goodbye To Hard Skin with Soft Sole

You may remember way back before I went on holidays, I mentioned I wanted to try Soft Sole. something I didn't get around too for a number of reasons.
 I did try the Penneys version for €1.50 but to be honest it didn't do an awful lot for me.
Having had this bad experience, I was sceptical as to whether Soft Sole would actually do anything to the hard skin on my feet. I did the patch test and the next day I put the socks on and put my feet up for two hours.

Like with all these exfoliating peels, you don't see results for a couple of weeks but about a week later, I notice the skin on my feet had started peeling. I didn't take any pics because they were not attractive looking at all.
After two weeks, my feet were incredibly soft and not a piece of hard skin could be found on them. Now my feet have been neglected and in bad shape for years. I loved the Micro Pedi as it did a good job but Soft Sole has completely gotten rid of my nasty looking feet and made them pretty. I'm completely converted to exfoliating foot peels after this and plan on trying more of them.
You can pick Soft Sole up in pharmacies and it retails at €19.95. Have you tried any of these foot peels?

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