Monday, 19 August 2013

My Picks for Dance/Exercise Clothing

I love to dance, so much that I considered studying it after the Leaving Cert. I didn't just consider it, I seriously considered it but it got sidelined by my parents pretty quickly. To this day, I still consider taking up some sort of dance, for fun and fitness.
I love watching dancing shows, ranging from Pineapple Studios and Dancing on Ice, I also love Strictly Come Dancing. What I really like other than the dancing is the costumes and the dancewear they wear when rehearsing.
There are loads of dancewear websites out there, two I came across was Dancemania and Danceworld Both websites have a great selection, here are my picks.
 A comfy pair of Yoga pants to keep comfy in (€25.57) and a hot pink short sleeve t-shirt to keep cool in (€8.72)
A pair of shape up runners (€27.88) to help keep your balance and burn extra calories.
While Yoga Pants and a pair of runners are really comfy, I can't help but have Flash Dance in my head. My favourite pieces from this era have to be legwarmers (€6.50) and leotards (€36)

I love all these items but every dancer needs a bag to put them in. I love this Pineapple bag, it's girly without being too girly 

I really think I am going to try find a dance class to go to, it's strikes me as a fun way to get fit. I'm not sure what type of dance I would like to do so I think I will check out Just Dance or one of the similar schools

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  1. These leg warmers are really cute and they happen to be my favorite shades of pink! Pretty!



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