Thursday, 8 August 2013

My Top 5 Holiday Fashion Essentials

When I was planning for my holiday, I had an endless list of fashion essentials to get me through both day and night. Here are 5 essentials any girls needs when heading away on holidays
A Maxi Dress is ideal for both day and evening. All you have to do is jazz it up with a pair of wedges or dressy sandals for evening time.
Maxi Dress
A Stylish Pair Of Sunglasses never goes amiss, you definitely have to protect your eyes from those rays so why not do it in style?
I always bring a pair or runners with me, they have to be breathable and comfy for any long walks I take in the evening or if I am going horse riding.
Hi Tec Zuuk Trainer
A beach bag is definitely an essential item for holidays. I always like to take quite a bit one so I can fit a towel in it and a few other bits.
Canvas Rope Bag
You can't beat a comfy wedge in the evenings, especially if you are wearing a dress and want to avoid wearing a pair of stilettos in the heat.
Leather Wedge
What are your holiday fashion essentials?

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