Monday, 26 August 2013

Say Hello To What Salon

Have you ever been in town with a few hours to kill and wanted to treat yourself to a blowdry, manicure or some other treatment? I often find myself in town with a few hours to spend between appointments. Usually I would kill the time with shopping and on some occassions, I would see if I could get a walk in. Usually this is a complete fail but last week I was introduced to an app that is going to change everything.

Say hello to What Salon. A genius new app for both I Phone and Android (Android is still in development but it will be here soon for all us none I Phone users) The app is designed by Cork men Kieran Walsh and David O'Flynn
What does it do?
What Salon is a mobile app aimed at both customers and salon owners. The whole idea is to help you find what treatment you want within the area you are in. You choose the treatment and time you want it for. Any salons that are in your area with last minute appointments pop up in real time and you choose to contact them. The salon gets notified of your request and they hit a button saying whether they are available. If a few salons have appointments, you choose the one you want and pay a small deposit which comes off your bill in the salon.


How does it help me?
This app will help you locate salons in your area that have appointments available that same day. Ideal if you have an hour or two to pass and you want some pampering or if you wake up deciding you want a treatment today. Both situations have happened to me and I can never find somewhere.

It also eliminates all the ringing around as you are give a choice of salons within a matter of a couple of minutes and because you are choosing from a few salons you can select the one that is most price friendly for your purse. 

I cannot wait to download What Salon, it is such a revolutionary app. When I was introduced to it, I thought how has no one ever developed this before? It is such a clever idea and something I will definitely be availing of.

What Salon is free to download for users so if you are in Cork or Dublin, get downloading. For those in other counties, there are plans to launch into more counties asap.

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