Thursday, 29 August 2013

Skin Analysis and Facial With Skin Essentials By Mariga

While down in Wexford at the weekend, Skin Essentials By Mariga invited me for a complimentary  Skin Analysis and Facial. Knowing how much of a guru Mariga is, I jumped at the chance. 

On arrival, I had a skin analysis done. To prep for this, I had to go bare faced for most of Saturday (the horror!!), all I could use was a sunscreen on my face and even with that I had to remove it two hours before my appointment. There is a good reason for this though as Mariga wants to see how your skin is in its natural state.

During the analysis, the following was checked
  • Overall health of my skin
  • Hydration Levels
  • Identify any problem areas
  • My current skincare and lifestyle regime including any medications or supplements I am on. I'm not on medication but do take a multivitamin and pro biotic.
I've always been a bit afraid of these type of procedures as I know my skin could be better. I go through phases where it is extremely dehydrated and other times I get a spotty outbreak on my chin. The other times my cheeks will redden thanks to a new skin product.


The analysis revealed that I have reactive skin with low oil levels and some texture issues. Mariga recommended a few products for me to improve my skin so I am definitely going to start buying those. I'm 28 and thought my skin age would be 28 to somewhere in my 30's but the analysis revealed I have the skin of a 26 year old. Mariga contributed this to exfoliating very little.
Afterwards, I was treated to a facial from the lovely Jane. I haven't had a facial in forever so it was nice to chill out a bit and let her work her magic. On the cards was a heavenly facial massage followed by an enzyme exfoliation using Mariga's own exfoliator with an ultrasonic tool that got deep down to clear out any dirt in my skin . To finish Jane applied an high strength hyaluronic acid treatment and sea kelp mask then a SPF 30 moisturiser.

I learnt so much from both treatments including what types of products that I should avoid. It was also an eye opener into so many of the skincare brands that I am familiar with. Some things I found out were a complete shocker and completely opened my eyes. I tend to read my ingredients on products before I buy them but now I am going to research products a lot more before parting with my money.

 I would definitely recommend the trip down to Mariga for a skin analysis. The treatment costs €50 and takes around an hour. This is an absolute bargain because you will learn so much in that time. I know that if I lived closer to Wexford, I would go to Mariga and Jane exclusively.

Have you ever had a skin analysis?


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