Monday, 2 September 2013

#SBBC Day Two: My Favourite Eyeshadow Palette

I am a big fan of Eyeshadow Palettes. I find them really handy for both at home and travelling. There is a great choice of colours and they don't take up loads of room like having lots of single shadows. I have a pretty good selection of palettes but one I always return to is Makeup Academy Undressed, the renowned dupe of Urban Decay Naked Palette.
I first bought this beauty on my U.K holiday last year and fell hook line and sinker for it. There was a good selection of neutral colours along with darker colours ideal for both day and night. This first palette lasted me ages, almost a year in fact. Until one day, it met with the little man and ended up smashed on the floor. I was gutted and ordered another one straight away on the MUA website

*I'm currently sans Undressed palette because it broke on my way home from a weekend away, I keep meaning to repurchase but every time I think of it, the palette is sold out on the website.*

On the whole the pigmentation is pretty good for a budget palette, the only colour I have issue with is the gold on the top row as it takes a good few layers to get any decent colour on the eyelids.
This palette is extremely affordable coming in around the €5 mark on the website. It is definitely my go to palette.
Have you tried Undressed or any other of the M.U.A palettes?


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    1. Haven't tried their other palettes but will have to pick up a few

  2. I have the same palette and really like it, i usually always travel with it, so far it's still intact :) Superdrug here is useless though for keeping the MUA stand stocked and would love to get another one x

    1. Yeah I noticed that when I was down. Couldn't find anything I wanted :(

  3. I have this and it's such a good budget alternative to the Naked palettes, but given that Half Baked, the one similar to the gold, is one of my favourite shades, I have never really warmed to it that much. :(

  4. I love the MUA palettes as budget alternatives to the Naked palettes but given that Half Baked, the gold-y shade in the Naked palettes, is one of my favourites ever, I just didn't warm to the MUA versions :(

  5. Its back in stock on the MUA website as far as i know!


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