Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Perfect Match Manicure At Carter Beauty

I loved my Shellac Nails from Dylan Bradshaw, they were a great beginning to my adventure in the world of two week manicures. The actually lasted me almost 3 weeks but last week I decided to get them removed as there had been a decent bit of nail growth since I had them done.
I decided to try Perfect Match manicure and once I settled on this I knew there was only one place to go - Carter Beauty in Blackrock owned by Marissa Carter from Cocoa Brown.
I'm ashamed to say this is my first visit to Marissa's salon, I really have no excuse as it isn't that far from me.
On arrival, I was shown the selection of polishes. Hubby had said to me go for something autumnal but ever the rebel I clung onto summer for dear life by choosing a gorgeous blue called Old New Borrowed Blue and glitter topcoat called Princess Tears (love that name)
Before painting could commence, I had to get the shellac removed, this involved buffing down my nail then  the tinfoil method using 100% acetone as a remover. After about 5 minutes, the polish was then removed.
Here are before and after removal pics
** See the nail growth I'm talking about? **
And here are the finished Perfect Match Manicure
I cannot put into words how much I love them, they are so colourful and sparkly
A Perfect Match Manicure in Carter Beauty costs €30, I was very lucky and only had to pay €20 but I would not have hesitated paying the full amount to my lovely nail technician.
Have you ever visited Carter Beauty?


  1. I'm just about to go get my shellac removed,serious nail growth too x

    1. Glad I'm not alone, I thought there was something seriously wrong lol x


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