Tuesday, 10 September 2013

#SBBC Day 7: Fantasy Dinner Party

When I first saw this topic, my mind wondered to all the cute actors and singers out there. Then, I remembered I am a married woman and mother so I should probably be a bit more responsible and focus on a mix of people.
Of course, my first guest would be hubby. I couldn't leave him out besides he is a chatterbox and would keep the guests entertained while I was serving the food. Next up would be Jon Bon Jovi, I love his music so he could help with the entertainment no end. Then I would say Marilyn Monroe, I've always been obsessed with her and would love to know more about her.

A more recent female I would have in attendance would be Sharon Osbourne, I know she is not ev3eryones cup of tea but I love her, Then I would have to invite Michael Mc Intyre, both me and hubby think he is hilarious. Ok so I have to have a little bit more eye candy and that would come in the form of Alexander Skarsguard ( Eric In True Blood)
Foodwise,  I would serve an Italian feast starting with a platter of different meats and chesses, next up I would share my infamous Bacon and Leek pasta, then for dessert I would serve a Strawberry Cheesecake with some summer fruits. This is another firm favourite in my house. Then for after dinner the Grappa would be shared.

If you were to have a fantasy dinner party who would you invite?

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