Wednesday, 4 September 2013

#SBBC Day Four: My Favourite Hand Cream- Vichy Nutri Extra

I'm a nightmare with handcream, half the time forgetting to use any. Saying this over the last few months, I have been trying so hard to use it at least once a day. Over the years, I have tried many handcreams ranging from budget beauties to highend lovelies. A lot of the time, I find them too greasy or they take too long to soak in.
 When I decided to try improve my use of hand creams, I browsed the selection in work and settled on  Vichy Nutri Extra. There was a couple of reasons for this mainly I pretty much like anything Vichy and I had read some rave reviews.

 This cream is lovely. Firstly there is a gorgeous scent but not too over powering. I find I only need a tiny amount of it to moisturise both hands. It sinks in quickly and I'm not left with that greasy feeling that I hate. After about a week, I noticed all the dry patches on my hands were gone and they just looked much healthier. The price is also really reasonable at €4.95
 If you are looking for a new hand cream, I would definitely say give this a try

What is your favourite hand cream?


  1. It was only €4.95?! Sounds like a great hand cream, I am a fret for not using cream myself so might give this one a whirl!xx

  2. Oh wow I was expecting a bigger price tag! I need a new hand cream so I will be picking this up next time:)

  3. Ooh, can't believe the price is so low. I'm going to have to try and be patient with hand creams, seems like there's some great ones out there!

  4. I must definitely try this. My favourite night time hand cream is rituals ginkgos secret. It's rich and is slightly greasy but it's a hand balm which means its extra hydrating so great for bedtime xx


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