Friday, 6 September 2013

#SBBC Day Six: Staple Beauty Items

Today, I wanted to share what my staple beauty items are. These are the little things that make my beauty life a little easier and they are things that I don't give a second thought to.

With my nail polish obsession  nail polish remover is always in the house. I use the Cutex Moisture Guard so it doesn't dry my nails out too much.

I'm a huge fan of Muslin cloths but instead of buying branded ones, I buy the three pack in the baby section of Dunnes. They are much bigger but I cut them in two meaning I have a pretty decent supply to return to.

Cotton Wool is always in my house,I use it for removing makeup and with my nail polish remover. Always keeping budget in mind, I buy the Tesco one for 65c and I find it just as good as the dearer brands.

Tweezers are such a handy beauty item. Not only do I use them for plucking my eyebrows, I also use them for picking up false eyelashes out of the packet. I have a Tweezerman tweezers for about six years and love it. 

Do you have any staple beauty items?

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  1. Tweezers would be top of my list! I always have about 3-4. One for my handbag, beside my bed, bathroom etc haha! x


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