Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip

The latest member to the Cocoa Brown family is Chocolate Whip. I knew when I first heard of this lovely, I really wanted it.

This lovely isn't just any body lotion, it's an oil free body lotion. Something that is really hard to come across but something that is really good for when you are sporting a tan. A normal body lotion will streak and fade your tan but this lovely will protect your tan and extends the life of your tan. Marissa also recommends using Chocolate Whip for when you are getting ready to tan.

Containing both Vitamin E and Panthenol, Chocolate Whip will help hydrate your skin therefore ensuring a gorgeous even tan.

It didn't take me long to open the pink envelope when it arrived last week and within minutes, I had applied it. The first thing you see is a gorgeous milk chocolate body lotion.

Then once you start applying Chocolate Whip, you get an instant hit of the familiar and addictive Tahitian Gardenia scent with a little hit of Cocoa. The cocoa isn't overpowering like other body lotions I can think of.  No word of a lie, I sniffed my arms all night and even the next day I could still smell the heavenly scent.

Chocolate Whip is going to retail at €7.99 and will be available in all Cocoa Brown stockists from November 11th. However, I may have seen it in one or two pharmacies already. This one is a definite to pick up and try along with the new tubes of Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff.

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