Wednesday, 9 October 2013

News From

I've always been a fan of, even before I started blogging I would read this online magazine regularly. I've even bought a couple of items from their gorgeous handbag range. They lovely girls have added a new section to the website where you can buy pre loved 100% authentic designer accessoreis from the likes of Jimmy Choo, Gucci and Chanel (Oh My!)
I adore designers like these but would never in a million years purchase them. I think hubby would pass out if I Told him I spent something like €800 on a handbag. There is just a small selection over on at the moment but I am sure more will be added as demand grows.
Out of the items on their, I have my eyes on the Manola Blahniks but they are too small a size for me, for this you will find me weeping silently in the corner. These originally cost €500 but are €240 on the website.
I love a knee high boot and am seriously lusting these Gucci Boots, originally costing €665 but now €300. Sure it's still out of my price range but how lovely are they?
It's definitely worth your while keeping an eye on the website, who knows you may just find that designer item you have lusted after for years. Me? I'm keeping my eye out for a Louis Vuitton item


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