Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Coco FOr Coconut Oil

I'm always open to trying new beauty items. I  like products that multitask and if they are cheap and cheerful, all the better. One product I really like lately is coconut oil. Its about €6 in your local chemist. I am not a fan of coconut, I really dislike the smell and the taste and I thought Coconut oil would smell yuk but thankfully there is no traditional coconut smell.

I bought coconut oil in work to try for moisturising both my dry skin and the little man's dry skin but then after a quick google, I discovered some other beauty uses.

  • An alternative to shaving creams, coconut oil makes shaving easier and moisturises at the same time. 
  • A deep conditioner for hair. I have frizzy naturally wavy hair that can be dry so I was thrilled to hear how it can be used as a deep conditioning hair mask to rehydrate hair. For best results you can leave it in over night with the help of a shower cap.
  • Eye Makeup Remover?? I thought surely not! But I can confirm it removed my makeup including heavy eye makeup perfectly. All I did was use a little on a cotton wool pad for my eyes and my eye makeup was gone.
There is lots of other ways you can use coconut oil. It's definitely worth trying the above with it.

Would you or have you ever used coconut oil?



  1. It's not something I would have thought of trying but I'll be giving it a go now! ;) x

  2. I'd certainly give it a go. I used conditioner and my laser hair removal therapist says its one of the best things you can use. - Claire


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