Friday, 25 January 2013

My Picks For Eye Makeup Removers

I'm quite bad at removing my Eye Makeup Remover, which inevitably leads to panda eyes in the morning. However, since before Christmas I have been really trying to be better at using eye makeup removers. There is a good few eye makeup removers on the market ranging from cheap as chips to seriously expensive. Here are the two, I have been using.

La Roche Posay Toleraine Eye Makeup Remover

Over the years I have tried many an eye makeup remover but this is one I always return to this. I can't get enough of them, they are gentle on the eyes while removing the bulk of my eye makeup. They don't hold up well against heavy eye makeup but for everyday, I find them a godsend. I also love the fact that they are single dose so when I travel, I can pop a few in my makeup bag without them taking up lots of space.These retail at €15.50 and are available in pharmacies nationwide.

Essence Eye Makeup Remover is a newbie to me, as in I only purchased it recently. I was in Penneys and had a gift voucher for €30. I didnt want to buy clothes so bought a new handbag and some other bits. I've wanted to try something from the Essence skincare range for a while and the eye makeup remover jumped out at me. I'll be honest it was mainly the price. A mere €1.90, or so I thought. Turns out it was reduced to 50c! Happy Days!

How did I find it? I really liked it. The formula is 2 phase for double effectiveness. The blue phase is slightly oily meaning it will have no trouble removing eye makeup including waterproof products. The clear phase refreshes the eye area. Essence also recommend using it to remove long lasting lipstick. To get the effect of the two phases, give the bottle a shake before using. This lovely kind of reminds me of Lancome's  Bi Facil but much cheaper

xxx Have you tried either of these lovelies? What's your favourite eye makeup remover? xxx

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Spring 2013 with Clarins Rouge Eclat

With Christmas behind us, thoughts of Spring start entering our minds. Personally I can't wait for Spring when hopefully the weather will be brighter. Sure to brighten Spring up even more is the gorgeous Spring 2013 makeup collection from Clarins called Rouge Eclat.

Rouge Eclat is inspired by the multi coloured tones and satin feel of the Iris flower. This stunning collection features beautiful lipsticks, a gorgeous eye palette, fabulous face powder and luxurious loose powder.

   Watermelon is the perfect pop of pink for a spring lip. I am completely in love with this shade, it suits my Irish skin perfectly. There is also a plum shade available which looks lovely. Both lipsticks are the equivalent of Lip Butters but slightly more luxurious.Watermelon is quite sheer and is super hydrating so there is no fear of these drying out your lips.

Clarins Eye Quartet Palettes are always stunning, but I am really loving this palette which features shimmery grey, white, black and a gorgeous plum.All embossed with the Irish Flower and all matching perfectly with each other and offers you the choice of several eye makeups.

This 2 in 1 palette contains three shades, all matte. A beige which can be used to finish a makeup or contour and then gorgeous peach and pink for blusher. I tend to swirl all three together to give a gorgeous spring glow. This powder is also embossed with the Iris flower.

I tend to use quite a few loose powders including Catrice Prime and Fine so I was really excited to try this lovely out. I was sent the darkest shade 03 and although it is dark, it still worked quite well with my skin tone. The powder is super fine and blurs any imperfections. €38 is a bit pricey but the jar is huge so would last for ages.

Rouge Eclat is available at Clarins counters now.

xxx Will you be trying anything from the collection? xxx

Monday, 21 January 2013

Pixy Rose Cleansing Mud

As you will now from my NIMA Mitt post, I'm a bit of a fiend for finding alternatives to cream cleansers and was very lucky to be sent a Rose Cleansing Mud from one of my favourite Irish beauties Pixy

This lovely looks like dried mud, as at first sight I was intrigued. This is full of lovely ingredients including Red Clay, Witch Hazel and Buttermilk and it's mission is to cleanse, detoxify and moisturise. Pixy have used rose water and rose petals to fragrance the cleansing mud. 
How I Found It
  I have been using it twice a week as a treat for my skin and there has been a marked improvement in my skin. With all the stress I have been under since Christmas, I have had major breakout issues but after using this, they cleared up quickly and even better I have had no more nasties show up.

Pixy reccomend the cleansing mud for oily skin types, which I fall into and I have to say I agree. The oil level in my skin seems to have settled. Now I'm not really one for Rose scented items so I wasn't too keen on the smell. But I respect Pixy for not masking the natural scent with a chemical.
Apply a tiny amount  of the paste onto damp skin and massage well. Be sure to avoid the eye area.  Rinse with warm water and pat skin dry .

How Much And Where To Buy

This lovely will cost you €9.95 but don't be deceived by the super cute tiny tin this beauty comes in. A little goes along way so you can expect the cleansing mud to last a long time. It can be purchased over at Pixy
or selected pharmacies.

xxx Have you tried this lovely or other lovelies from Pixy? xxx