Friday, 26 April 2013

Fit Friday:

I have been really lazy lately and a bit down hearted about my weightloss. I've lost most of the weight but I am finding the last stone impossible to shift. I know I wont lose that amount before I go away but have decided to up the ante on my exercise efforts.

One thing I have rediscovered a love of is my skipping rope. My skipping rope is from the Davina Mc Call range in Argos.

I've been sneaking outside in the evenings and I had forgotten how much fun a skipping rope could be! But is there any merit to it as effective exercise? Here’s what I found out:
  • Skipping helps with weightloss. I’ve started slow trying to skip for 5 minutes at a time a few times throughout the day.
  • It enhances your coordination and rhythm between hands and feet movements.
  • It tones your muscles in arms, legs and abs.
  • It strengthens your bones and increases your stamina and endurance.
  • I helps in the battle against Cellulite.
I also found what the best exercises are for helping with toning and weightloss.
The twister
As you jump, twist to the sides, alternating left and right. This is meant to help with tummy toning.
As you skip, open and close your legs, so one skip is with your feet together, and the next is with your feet about 30cm apart. I have found this a tricky one to get a handle on
Knee lift
As you skip, alternatively lift one knee high; but beware that will hurt if you do it too fast!and you may end up moving backwards like me.
Cross over
Try crossing your arms/wrists in front of you, so you make a loop in the rope and jump through it. Alternate with normal swings – much harder than it looks! This was a childhood favourite for me.
Skipping backwards
Rotate arms in a backwards motion. Step backwards instead of forwards.

Are you a fan of skipping?

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Love Irish:

Last week on Twitter, I came across a new Irish business called provides the women of Ireland with an exclusive online classified website to advertise and sell new, nearly new and pre-loved items to each other and it is a platform for independent businesses to advertise their products. Become a neutral shopper who sells an item and then treats themselves to something new if desired. 

The aim of the website is to offer members a safer and more convenient method of online advertising, allowing you to sell with ease and with the peace of mind you deserves.To start selling on the website you need to Register, Purchase advertising credits and Place your adverts. By registering you create your own Personal Profile Page, there is an Ad Management System Toolbox  which allows you to Manage and Store your adverts.

Paying for adverts on site can be done through PayPal and Realex who accept all major credit cards, we operate a credit system with credits costing only €0.50 cent and the minimum amount of credits you can purchase is three.Each new registered member on site receives one free advertising credit to get you started.

There is an integrated affordable door to door delivery service DPD covers all 32 counties; you can access and engage the delivery service from your Profile Page. The delivery service eliminates the need to leave the house to post your sold items and it has also decreased the need to physically meet to exchange goods with a potential buyer. Online shopping on a classified website has just become easier. 

Ladies Loot can also be found on Facebook and Twitter so be sure to pop over and say h1i to them

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

La Roche Posay Physiological Foaming Water

In recent times, I've become appreciative of foam cleansers.Most mornings Im up at 7 to get ready for work and catch a train for 745. I am complete go slow at that hour of the morning and want a quick morning skincare regime. So lately I have been using Vichy Foam Cleanser which I really like.

Im a huge La Roche Posay fan and have always wished they did a foam cleanser in a pump and one that wasn't in the Effaclar range. My wish came true when this beauty arrived on my doorstep a few weeks ago.

The newest member to the Physiological range gently removes makeup and cleanses skin.Everything with this lovely is geared to those of us with sensitive skin - soap free, alcohol free, colourant free and no nasty parabens.

I've used this every day for two weeks instead of the Vichy one and have to say I prefer it. Don't get me wrong the Vichy is good but Ive noticed an improvement in my skin and I dont need to use as much product as a walnut sized amount is plenty.

I also like the clean scent from the foaming water, in comparison my Vichy one smells more soapy even though it is also soap free.

Physiological Foaming Water should have arrived in your local La Roche Posay stockist last month but from keeping my eye out in my work, I hadnt come across it. It's priced €14.75 which is a decent price for 150ml of product.

Xxx Will you be trying this lovely? Xxx

Holiday Beauty Prep

It's exactly one month until I leave the Emerald Isle for sunny (hopefully) Spain. When it comes to just a few weeks before a holiday, I start beauty prep. Here are the beauties on my prep list.

I never ever tan while I'm away. Its something that really bothers me. I know its completely unreasonable and somewhat vein of me but I can't help it. In order to boost my tanning possibilities, I have started taking Pharmanord Tan Care. This cost me €18 in work and you take 1 tablet daily for one month before heading away.
A couple of days before I go, Ill start applying Dove Gradual Tan in Medium/Dark to give me a glow. Swimming Pools and false tan don't mix well but further investigation with Cocoa Brown, I've discovered that the tan fairs quite well with swimming pools once you leave it on for the one hour only. If need be I can top it up at night.

I have KP, it annoys the bejaysus out of me and makes me really self conscious. I picked up Neostrata Glycolic Lotion in work a few weeks ago and have been applying it religiously. I've definitely noticed an improvement in my skin so am continuing use up until I go away.

If I'm going to be living in flip flops, I'm going to need lovely looking feet. I've heard great reports on Soft Sole Exfoliating Peel so two weeks before I go, I'll try it out and see if it's as good as I've heard.

When you're in the sun, skirts and shorts along with swimming togs are a must. A few days before I go,  I will be breaking out the Dimples to defuzz myself. Dimples will also be coming with me.

** I may also head to the salon for an eyebrow tidy and some tinting, depending on what time I have before I go away. If you have any suggestions where I should think about heading for these let me know**

What way do you beauty prep for hols?

Monday, 22 April 2013

Beauty News: Murad Arrives at Cloud10Beauty

Those of you who follow Cloud10Beauty on Facebook and Twitter, may have heard that Murad Skincare has arrived to the store.

Murad was the first authentic doctor-developed skincare range and remains true to the scientific principles of its founder, the world renowned dermatologist Howard Murad MD. Murad combines advanced scientific research and practical clinical experience to create high performance skincare products, dietary supplements and lifestyle programs that help people look and feel their absolute best.

There is a huge range of skincare lovelies available including a blemish and wrinkle reducer and intensive resurface peel. The products aren't cheap ranging from €30 up to over €200. A definite investment skincare range.

 To celebrate its arrival there is a
 Free gift with every Murad Purchase on Cloud 10 Beauty
Have you ever tried Murad or is it a brand you would investigate further?

*Please note this post contains an affiliate link from Cloud10Beauty, if you decide to purchase something, Ib wll get a small percentage which goes back into the running of the blog*