Friday, 3 May 2013

Recent Jewellery Buys

I'm a divil when it comes to jewellery. I can be spotted with a handful of jewels in Penneys or browsing the Pulse stand in work. This week, I fell in love with lots of the new pieces so I couldn't help but purchase these three pieces for Spain. All three came to €15 with my discount.
I have my eyes on a few more bits but trying to resist them.
Am I the only one who goes a bit mad when it comes to jewellery?

Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Lust Have List from Country House Outdoor

I'm really getting into fashion lately and am loving sophisticated tops, gorgeous dresses and of course handbags. One store that I am loving is
These are my favs for the online store but check out their ladies clothing and accessories to see if anything calls to you? I'm on a spending ban because of the holiday but a girl can dream especially as they ship to our Emerald Isle.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

N.O.T.D With NYC

Hey gorgeous girls, little man has an ear infection so I wont be blogging much this week but here is a quick N.O.T.D that I did for the lovely lunch I was at a few weeks ago.

To create the look,  I used NYC Expert Last Polish in Ink Stain and Lights Camera Glitter. Both amazing shades cost me €1.99 each. I especially like Lights Camera Glitter.  They lasted me five days and the only problem I had was the removal. Thankfully I have discovered (thanks to Donna) a holy grail in nail polish removal, that I'll share next week.

I love the NYC polishes, they are great colours and last really well. Have you tried them? If so, what shades do you recommend?