Thursday, 16 May 2013

Cocoa Brown Night and Day

I'm completely obsessed with Cocoa Brown from the gorgeous and really friendly Marissa Carter.

I first tried it in December last year and am currently on my 5th bottle. Since it's initial launch,Cocoa Brown is doing brilliant. Available in practically every pharmacy and now Penneys,global domination is not far off.

There is a new sister tan out called Cocoa Brown Night & Day.

Since hearing about it,I knew it had to be mine.I finally got my mitts on it a few weeks ago, when Marissa treated some bloggers to lunch.

Night and Day is genius! You know when you're heading out for the night and want a lovely dark tan but the next day, you wish it was just a natural glow? Tricky, isn't it?Not anymore,Night and Day gives you a gorgeous dark tan and the next day, after rinsing off, you are left with a natural tan.

Here are a couple of pics featuring the beauty

The tan features the same tahitian gardenia scent and no biscuit pong as Marissa has put on the packaging.
How did I get on with it? I was a little anxious at first thinking I would be really dark but I need not have feared.The tan was dark but it wasn't unbearably so and when washed off it left a gorgeous golden glow.
No doubt about it, Im in love with this innovative product. I can't wait to see what other lovelies Marissa has planned.

This lovely retails at the same price as the original Cocoa Brown (€7.99). This beauty has hit shelves now so grab yourself a bottle

Are you a lover of Cocoa Brown? If so, will you be trying Night and Day?


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My Curiosity about Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye surgery is something I find intriguing.  I wear glasses, something that doesn't really bother me other than the constant need to prevent the little man from grabbing them. I've debated about laser eye surgery for years and every time I see an ad for the procedure, I contemplate saving up to have it done. The only thing holding me back is I hate things near my eyes so not sure how I would fair with the procedure
A reputable clinic like Optical Express is a good place to start when considering laser eye surgery. They can talk you through the procedure and aftercare.

 You can even discover whether your suitable for Laser Surgery on the website. Turns out I am suitable for the procedure

 Knowing that I would be suitable for the procedure, I investigated whether any complications can arise from the procedure. I discovered that dry eye syndrome can occur. The mother has dry eye syndrome so I know this can be treated with eye drops and a good Omega Oil supplement.
Not  feeling Laser surgery? Optical Express also offer eye tests and a wide range of designer glasses including Armani, Chanel and Gucci.
You can find out more on Optical Express by visiting them here.

Have you had laser eye surgery or would you ever consider the procedure?


Monday, 13 May 2013

Roger and Gallet Fleur de Figuier

It's not very often a fragrance comes out that grabs hold of me and pulls me down. This however happened a few weeks ago, when I was introduced to the gorgeous new fragrance from Roger & Gallet. Fleur De  Figuier is a fruity fragrance perfect for summer and bound to be an extremely popular scent.

I was sent the shower cream and body lotion to try out, using both, I find the scent lasts all day.

It's also available in a small 30ml perfume and  larger 100ml perfume

If you have a Roger and Gallet stand near you, I definitely recommend giving this lovely a sniff. I've shown these lovelies off to loads of people and every single one of them have fallen in much in love as I have.

Have you any favourites from the Roger and Gallet range? This scent is definitely getting added to my Bois d'Orange and Fleur d'Osmanthus A.S.A.P