Friday, 24 May 2013

DIY Beauty Courtesy of Not Just Inside

Hello, I'm Donna from and while lucky Anita is swanning off in the sun having the time of her life ill be filling in for her here in blogsville. I thought I would share some DIY beauty tips that I have come across over the years and maybe save you a few bob so you can spend your money on lipstick and the likes...
DIY Hair Mask

For Dry Hair
1/2 an Avocado
1/4 cup of Mayonnaise
1 tbl spoon of Coconut Oil
1 tbl spoon of honey
2 ounces of water

Blend the lot together and apply to damp just shampooed hair, place a plastic cap over hair and rinse out after 1 hour. Done.

DIY Face Mask

Skin Brightener
2 tbl spoons of flour
1/4 tbl sopon of Turmeric
1/4 cup of natural yoghurt
a few drops each of honey and lemon juice

Mix all ingredients together into a paste and apply to clean dry skin, leave on for
15-20 minutes, then rinse with a damp face cloth.

DIY Body Scrub

1/2 a cup of sugar
1/4 cup of olive oil
You can add an essential oil too if you like

Mix together and scrub scrub srcub away.

DIY Puffy Eye Fixers

Pour ice cold milk into a bowl, soak two cotton balls in the milk and
squeeze out the excess liquid, place over your eye (closed eye, obviously)
and leave for a few minutes.

So there you have it, I hope you have picked up some cheap tricks. I have asked Anita
to bring me back one of those pens that when you click it a picture of a man on the front loses all his clothes, you know, as payment for doing this post, Ill let you all know if she does :-D

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Watermelon Nails

Hi guys! It’s Audrey from the Nail Affair here with a guest post while the lovely Anita is sunning herself in Spain... Nope I’m not jealous *tears*. Anyways since the weather here is so unpredictable I figured I would take inspiration from the sunshine destination of Anita and do a summer mani! I did a small step by step tutorial for watermelon nails which I think look so pretty in the sun!
The main colours I used for this was a rediscovered love of mine, a beautiful coral pink from 17 called Coral Pop and the green is OPI Don’t Mess with OPI. I did the green as an accent finger and the rest as the coral pink. You can of course use any colours as long as it’s a nice deep green and a nice pinky red:)
On the green for the watermelon skin effect I took a lighter green and made squiggly lines (the official term I believe). You can do this with a small lip brush, a toothpick, a dotter or even a pencil:)

On the pink I drew a green french tip on each nail.

I drew black seeds on each nail which tapered at the end to give them a more seedy look. Seedy in the not bad way though:P

I also tried an optional white line seperation the green tip and pink. At first I really didn’t like this so I didn’t do it on the rest but as time has gone by it really has grown on me. At each green tip though I did the green squiggly lines for a continous effect:)

The finish fruit medley!

So that’s my post, I hope you guys enjoyed it:) If you want to see more of my nail designs be sure to check out my blog here. Or you can check out my instagram (  which is 80% nails 20% cute dog pictures haha:) 

Thanks so much too to Anita for having me x

Monday, 20 May 2013

My Summer Lust Haves From BonPrix

Coming into Summer, I am making a conscious effort to wear more colourful clothes. While I love dresses, we don't really get much of a chance to wear real summery ones with the weather. Most times I end up wearing a pair of trousers. However I live in hope especially with all the gorgeous dresses available on websites like BonPrix

Here are some of my personal favourites from the selection of dresses .

 *This dress is perfect for both day and evening. All you need to do is add a pair of heels and your ready to party*

*I'm loving skater dresses and this one is no exception. I think it is the perfect day dress for when you're heading out to meet friends*

*I'm normally not one for yellow but I just think this dress is so summery and the brown belt really complements the colour*

 During Summer, I like to have my feet out. If I could I would walk around in my bare feet,that not being an option, I would be happy to wear any of these gorgeous colourful sandals.

I'm loving BonPrix, the prices are friendly and there is a huge selection of clothing, accessories and shoes for us girls as well as men and children

I'm raging I don't have a bit of time left before I go otherwise I would definitely order some of these lovelies.
What do you think of these lovelies?

Holiday Beauties

Hey lovelies, I'm off on My Holliers tomorrow so just a quick post to share what beauties I'm taking on holiday. I've just included makeup as shampoo etc I'll get over there to cut down on the aul luggage.
Sleek I Divine in Storm, this beauty is for the evening time. Catrice Waterproof Top Coat to put on over my Benefit They're Real, these lovelies will be used during the day and should hopefully stay put. I'm also bringing my Paese Waterproof Eyeliner.

La Roche Posay BB Cream for both day and evening along with my Isadora Bronzer for evening time.

NYC Applelicious for daytime moistuirising and a pop of colour. For evenings, I'm bringing my Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick.

And... Thats' it! I'm quite proud of myself minimising my beauty luggage to just a few pieces. Usually I have waaaay more with me but they never get used.
I've a few posts lined up for when I'm away and will try keep in touch via Facebook and Twitter