Friday, 21 June 2013

Pixy Glowing Body Butter

About a month ago, I received a surprise package from the lovely folks at Pixy
In the package was there Glowing Body Butter.

This lovely is a lightly whipped heavenly creation featuring cocoa butter and shea butter. Not ocntent with treating us to those two beauties, Pixy also added apricot oil, coconut oil and vitamin E oil. So defintiely a treat for your skin. There is also a touch of mica, leaving your skin glowing.

The scent of the Body Butter is Jasmine and boy howdy is it is a very strong scent? It takes some getting used to as I usually go with more delicate scents but after a few applications, I fell in love with the scent. 

After applying to my skin, the butter sinks in quickly and leaves my skin with a natural glow. 

In the pics below, I have applied it on top of my Cocoa Brown Tan.

You can buy this lovely for €12 by visiting here or one of Pixy's stockists

What do you like from the Pixy?

Thursday, 20 June 2013

World War Z Review

On Tuesday, myself and the hubby were lucky enough to pop along to the Irish premiere of World War Z by way of me winning a competition on Twitter.

Hubby is more into the whole zombie thing than me so I was thrilled to drag him along to see the first proper blockbuster of the summer.I promise not to give away any spoilers below.

Before I get into whether this film was for me, here is a bit of background for you.

Who's In It?
Brad Pitt, Mirielle Enos, Ruth Nega (from Love/Hate). 
*Blink and you will miss Matthew Fox from Lost* I managed to catch him but hubby missed
What's it all about?
 United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself.    
Running Time 116 mins
Certificate TBC
Release Date 21st June
Now that's out of the way, I will say one thing - I loved it!! As mentioned above I really don't get the appeal with zombie movies and admittedly when I saw the trailer, my words were "Yeah it looks alright but are you really going to go down the whole zombie road??" Also, in recent years, I'm become a bit meh about Brad Pitt.
To say that I had to eat my words is an understatement. World War Z hits the ground running and is chockablok with action but also a fair degree of humour. Something I wasn't expecting but loved.World War Z really takes the monkey out of zombies. Something I really liked but if you are a die hard love all things zombies kinda person, you may or may not like that. 

I really liked Brad Pitt's doting father but hard as nails character. He is essentially guilted into helping discover the source of the virus and from there he really doesn't have much luck,disaster hits at every corner.But when he is up against it, he really kicks some zombie bum.

I would say pop along to the cinema to see this, I doubt many people would be disappointed.

Will you be heading along to see World War Z?

Orla Fallon Lullably Time

*Transferred Over From My Other Blog*
A few months, I had the opportunity to listen to Orla Fallon's album Lullaby Time. Orla is a singer and harpist who hails from Co.Wicklow and Lullaby Time is the latest addition to her music collection.
On hearing the name of the album, I instantly had images of a calm serene album ideal for chilling out and also ideal for the little man at bedtime. I wasnt disappointed when I played this for the first time. Orla's voice is heavenly and the music that accompanies her voice is very soothing.
Lullaby Time features 15 gorgeous lullabies including an amazing version of Coldplay Yellow (a song I usually dislike),Suantrai (Brahms Lullaby) and When You Wish Upon A Star.
I really enjoy listening to the album, more so the little man is in love with it. I keep it on his bedside locker and many a night, he has taken it from there, brought it to me and points at the CD player.
If you have a little one or you are looking for some relaxation, this CD is for you.
Lullaby Time can be purchased at for €14.99 plus shipping.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

It's Back! Vineyard Peach Returns To The Body Shop

I just had to share the news that Vineyard Peach has returned to The Body Shop,just in time for summer.

The range features shower gel (€8.95),body lotion(€13.50),body scrub(€18.95) and body butter(€18.95)
Each product is bursting with luxurious peach kernal oil along with nine different community fair trage ingredients.

This summer essential will hit your local The Body Shop 22nd June.I loved this special edition when it first launched and wished it had hung around for a bit longer. Needless to say I'm going to be hot footing it to my nearest shop a.s.a.p

Will you be picking up something from this gorgeous range?

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My Beauty History

Today, I wanted to share with you, where I got my love of all things beauty. I was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to makeup and skincare. In my early teens, my mother had heart failure anytime I suggested buying a lip gloss never mind something radical like a foundation. The mammy wouldn't be too pushed on beauty so I grew up not really knowing anything about it.
When I turned 15,I branched out a little more and bought foundation, mascara,eyeliner and eye shadow. Having not grown up in a house full of beauty products, I wasn't particular bothered, sure I wore makeup but I didn't really have any passion for it.
Then one day, when I was 18,that all changed. I was working in Roches Stores at the time and a new Makeup Studio opened up. I immediately fell in love, I'm not sure if it was the bright lights or seeing all the makeup on display but I was hooked. To this day, I still get a thrill walking through the beauty halls.
I befriended the makeup artist who was looking after the studio, she would do my makeup and try out different looks on me. I begged my manager to transfer me to the studio, when the part timer left. Luckily she agreed and off I went for my makeup training.
If I had a love before the training it got stronger afterwards. There was just something fascinating learning how products worked and getting to swatch them.
Once my training was complete, I moved on from Roches and started working in pharmacy. Here I got to learn about skincare and another love was born. If what ticks behind makeup was exciting, I don't have a word for how much I loved learning about the different brands and what different products did.
Over the years, I've learnt about some great products and then I decided to set up a blog where I could share my passion and meet like minded people. Don't get me wrong, my friends and some family like beauty but on one side they think I'm barmy for loving it so much.
I think some people have the opinion that beauty and makeup aren't that interesting but once I pass on my few tips, that quickly changes.
What's your Beauty History?
*If you are a Beauty Blogger, would love to read your Beauty History*

Monday, 17 June 2013

Unusual Uses Of Toothpaste

Did you know there is much more to toothpaste than meets the eye? Not only does it whiten and brighten your teeth but has a whole heap of other uses.
1. Soothe a Burn: Just burned yourself while cooking the dinner or is it down to your GHD? Once the burn is not one with an open wound, toothpaste could be your saviour. It should immediately cool the affected area, the effect is only temporary but can be a bit of welcome relief and can prevent the wound from weeping or opening.
2. Relieve irritation from bug bites, sores, and blisters. These skin irritations all tend to weep and, in the case of bug bites, itch a lot. Apply a drop of toothpaste to a bug bite or insect sting to stop the itching and decrease any swelling. Toothpaste will dry them up, thus allowing the wound to heal faster. It’s best when used overnight. I can personally vouch for this one after both me and hubby getting eaten by insects while we were away last year. We weren’t alone everyone we spoke to, had been attacked. Hubby’s got really itchy and swollen, after a few nights using toothpaste along with an antihistamine, they cleared up
3. Spot be gone. I’ve used toothpaste as an reliever for spots since my teenage years, even now in my late 20′s when a nasty pops up, I run straight for the toothpaste. Like with other sores, it helps dry up that big oul spot.
4. Sparkly Fingernails. Our teeth are made of enamel, toothpaste is good for them, so it stands to reason that toothpaste should also be good for our fingernails. For cleaner, shinier, and stronger nails, simply scrub the underneath and tops of fingernails with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Would feel a bit weird doing this but if it works who am I to question?
5. Scrub away yucky smells. Is there anything worse than Garlic, fish, onion, or another smelly food on our hands. Scrubbing hands and fingertips briefly with toothpaste removes all traces of smelly odours.
Have you any unusual uses of toothpaste?