Thursday, 15 August 2013

NYC Liquid Lipshine

I love a lipgloss but don't like ones that are really sticky. I have tried many lipglosses, but the one I keep coming back to is the NYC Liquid Lipshine. There is a great selection of shades but the two I use the most are 580 (Rivington Rose) and 578 ( Bowery Blush). Both are ideal for a natural lip look with just a hint of colour.


Have you tried these lovelies?

*I've been terrible with Brand Appreciation Week so I am now making it Brand Appreciation Month in the hopes that I will post once a week about my favourite brands*

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

N.O.T.D Illamasqua Collide WIth Glitter

Since picking up Collide in my Illamasqua Mystery Box, I am completely obsessed with the neon pinkness of it all. I decided to wear it for the Oh La La Blog Awards last night with some glitter.

 Are you loving neon polishes?


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

I have a lot of love for The Bosy Shop, something that was reignited when I started blogging. A couple of weeks ago, I headed in to meet their lovely PR girl to chat about The Body Shop and visit the Grafton Street store.
I was very kindly given a few products to try out, one was the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. I love cleansing balms and butters so I was really excited to try this out.

This cleansing butter promises to gently melt away makeup and leave skin feeling soft. What's even better is that this lovely is suitable for those suffering from sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.
The first time I tried it, I really liked it. The texture is Vaseline like but not greasy. You gently massage this into your skin and then wipe off with a damp muslin cloth. It did a pretty good job at removing my layers of makeup and my skin was definitely feeling clean. I did use a micellar water to remove any residue but there really wasn't an awful lot.
This lovely retails at €14.95, which is a brilliant price considering you only need to use a tiny amount at a time. There are a few other bits in the Camomile collection that I definitely will be picking up.
On a side note, I just want to see I am seriously impressed with the extensive range The Body Shop has, having a look around the gorgeous updated Grafton Street store, there were lots of things I put on my list including some incredibly pigmented eyeshadows.
Have you tried anything from The Body Shop lately?
*Psst! Did you know The Body Shop finally have an Irish website? At the moment, it just shows the products available and their prices but I have heard whispers it will be transformed to an online store soon so keep your fingers crossed*