Friday, 17 January 2014

Hi All

Hi lovelies, just a quick update, Last week myself and hubby found out our rent is going up a massive amount so we are left in the horrible position of trying to find somewhere new to live. 

We are not sure where we are heading yet, the rent in Dublin is just insane. We have been in our current house for almost three years and had no need to look at rental prices. I was and still am shocked at what landlords are looking for.

We have seen a few houses,  none have screamed "Take me" I'm finding the whole process very stressful and am panicking that we wont find something.

I know we probably will but the fear we wont is very real. Hopefully something will turn up soon. I'm hoping to get a few posts up over the week but things may continue to be a bit quiet until we get sorted

xxx Anita xxx

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  1. Oh no hun, hope all goes well. Can't be easy trying to find a new home. Have my fingers crossed for ye xx


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