Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Vita Coco Coconut Water

Coconut water definitely seems to be all the latest. With athletes favouring it to rehydrate and everyone grabbing it as a refreshing alternative to traditional water, I decided to give it a go. Purely because I'm a bit sick of the aul H20. Before trying it,  I really thought I would dislike it as anything coconut is given a wide berth but it has grown on me and I regularly drink it. The little man is also partial to it, constantly trying to get his hands on a carton when I'm drinking it.
 Last week the lovely Vita Coco team sent me out a few of their flavours to try - Pineapple, Orange and Peach & Mango. I've wanted to try flavoured coconut water for a while so was delighted.

Out of the three flavours, I would say that peach and mango is my least favourite. It doesn't taste unpleasant or anything, I'm just not a massive fan of peach in general. The real surprise for me was the orange flavour. It was so tasty. I would definitely recommend drinking it cold out of the fridge. I made the mistake of starting one at room temperature.

The Vita Coco range is priced around the €2.49 mark for a 330ml and €4.49 for a 1L.

*Coconut Water has a huge amount of benefits not only does it rehydrate after a workout on night on the tiles, it also rehydrates your skin when it becomes dried out from warm weather or pesky air conditioning.

Have you tried Vita Coco or any other brands?



  1. I love coconut water, so refreshing & good for you! However I only like the pure coconut taste, all the others are a bit too sickly for me...

    alex @

    1. I am completely converted to it. Have all the family trying coconut water


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