Wednesday, 23 April 2014

MUA Dusk Til Dawn Eyeshadow Palette

Nothing beats a nice eyeshadow palette especially one from a brand like MUA. On a trip to London a few months ago, my bestie bought me a sneaky present of the MUA Dusk Til Dawn Palette. I was thrilled because in general I love the pigment in their shadows. 

As you can see, this lovely has been used quite a bit. I love how versatile it is. If I feel like a barely there eye makeup look or full blown night time, I have the option for both. The only colour in the palette, I'm not totally sold on is the first one on the bottom row. It's pretty but not very pigmented. My favs are the pale beige on the top row, greeny colour and navy. I'm really surprised about the green because I never ever go for bright colours on my eyes.

On the whole it's a gorgeous palette, I just wish MUA put the names of the eyeshadows on the back. So far this is my fourth palette from MUA and wont be the last.

Have you tried Dusk Til Dawn?

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