Thursday, 29 May 2014

Holiday Beauties

This year, I need to be a little less frugal with what beauties I bring away. Last year's was fine but I found myself stuck for one or two bits. I was too strict on myself. Finding the perfect balance is tricky.I always think oh! maybe I'l take another little bit "just in case"

 During the day I'll give up makeup completely but for the evening time I'll be avoiding foundations and sticking with a BB Cream.I have a love/hate relationship with BB Creams but Clarins offering is one of the best I have tried plus it has SPF25.

My much loved Isadora giant bronzer is coming with me along with my Collection eyeliner, Essence Mascara, Essence Eyebrow Pencil and The Body Shop Colour Crush . I'm not bringing an eyeshadow palette with me this time as I found I stuck to the same colour all the time. I opted for a gorgeous gold/bronze eyeshadow from Essence called Skeye and Sand.

I think these beauties are everything I will need. Hopefully I won't be running to the supermarket to pick up any additions but then again it's always fun to try newbies.

When you head away do you end up with the right amount of beauties or do you bring some "just in case" lovelies aswell?

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  1. I love your blog think i might give that IsaDora Bronzing powder a try look really good... and what colour are your nails painted in they look lush. Please check out my blog and tell me what you think i think yours is fab x


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