Monday, 12 May 2014

New Brushes From Blank Canvas Cosmetics

A few weeks ago, I finally caved and bought some new makeup brushes. One brand that was recommended loads was Blank Canvas Cosmetics. I'd already tried and loved their F20 brush so I decided to pick up a few essential brushes that I needed to top up my collection.

I love makeup brushes and could easily have bought every brush on the website but I settled on four little lovelies to get me started. 

I've used all four brushes non stop since they arrived and have fallen hook line and sinker for them. Each of them is incredibly soft and do a really good job applying makeup.

The total cost of these was €41.96 and then delivery. Not too bad a price. If you  haven't checked Blank Canvas Cosmetics out already they can be found here aswell as Facebook (where you can sometimes pick up a great offer) and Twitter 

I'll definitely be picking up some more brushes and accessories asap

Have you tried Blank Canvas Cosmetics before? If so, what are your picks?


  1. Ih these all look lovely. I've only one brush from BC and I do like tit, should really order some more... x

  2. Love BBC brushes! Such great quality!


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