Monday, 2 June 2014

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

** Todays guest post comes from the lovely Sarah of The Yellow Sunflower. She's sharing with us one of her favourite products, which also happens to be a product I have extreme love for too. I may have even picked it up on my travels.Let us know below if you are also a fan. Thanks to Sarah for getting involved**

Seen as I love this product so much, I wanted to do a review and share my experience with Liz Earle's pretty renowned Cleanse & Polish cleanser with you all. I have to admit, without the world of blogging and reading beauty reviews online I probably would have passed this by in the pharmacy or drugstore. But after reading so many reviews and hearing so much about it online, combined with not having a cleanser that suited my sensitive skin, I decided to purchase this hot cloth cleanser and see what all the fuss was about! And here I am, writing a review after using it continuously for nearly a year! As cheesy as it sounds, I haven't looked back! It has become such a staple in my skincare bag (I've done a blogpost already on my skincare bag on my blog-click the link below) that I don't think I'll be changing it up for quite some time!

I have sensitive skin and this just works so well for me. It's amazing to see, when I apply it to my eyes, rub the cream in (you will look like you have panda eyes but fear not). Then take your muslin cloth, run it under warm water (or a nice face cloth either for more exfoliation) and simply remove your makeup with your cloth. 99% of your makeup (inc. eye makeup) comes off in one sweep, LITERALLY! Then give your cloth another rinse and sweep it over your face and neck to remove any remaining makeup. It's so gentle on your skin and thoroughly cleanses your skin. You will have such baby soft skin! I really recommend buying it. 

If you're trying it for the first time and don't want to invest (which you so should), I recommend buying the starter kit (if you're living in the UK- here for under £15, and if you're in Ireland- here for just under €18). But if you live in Dublin I recommend going to Liffey Valley Shopping Centre- there is a massive Boots there which stocks Liz Earle and it's a bit cheaper! Plus you'll get your Advantage Card points! BONUS!!

This product has become a firm favourite in my skincare bag and I love using it on days when I have makeup on and on days when I haven't! I would really recommend using this as a cleanser, it will really do wonders for your skin! I also know that Anita loves it also, so it has been doubly recommended!

(I want to thank Anita for letting me do this guest post! I am so passionate about this particular product and everything for that matter, that I blog about on my blog The Yellow Sunflower. My blog- The Yellow Sunflower focuses on beauty and fashion and is where you can go to read honest reviews, have a look inside my favourites or see a makeup tutorial! I would love if you checked it out and if you enjoy reading it, why not follow!)

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