Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Dream Dots For Spots

In recent months, I have been pretty lucky avoiding spots completely. However, thanks to pregnancy hormones, I have been attacked by them none stop on my chin. It's getting to the point of annoying. While browsing on Twitter, I noticed there was a nice product out called Dream Dots For Spots. I contacted the owner for more information and she kindly offered to send me out a box to try.

When they arrived, I was extremely eager to try as one spot in particular had come up. You know the sort that are actually painful. I was miserable with it. The patches are easy enough to put on, just remove the backing and place the patch on top of the spot. I popped on the patch just before bed and crossed my fingers it would eliminate the spot.  Dream Dots are an overnight treatment that will stop spots in their tracks. 

The patches are practically invisible!
 Hands Up, I will admit I was sceptical. Surely a little patch wouldn't do much to a spot. I woke up and removed the patch... Results? The spot actually felt smaller, it was still there but definitely smaller and less red. I repeated for another night and the next morning the spot had vanished. 

I was sent a box of 24 patches (€14.95) but there is also a 48 patch box (€24.95) available too. They can be bought on the Dream Dots website or in some pharmacies including Mc Cabes and Sam Mc Cauleys. 

Have you or will you try Dream Dots?


  1. I've been using these and I have to say they surprised me too!

  2. I have these also so I'm waiting for a spot to come up haha! :D
    Everyone is giving them great reviews so I hope they're as good as everyone says :)


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