Thursday, 14 August 2014

New Releases From Blank Canvas Cosmetics

You may remember back in May, I shared some new brushes from Blank Canvas Cosmetics. I'm seriously in love with the brushes and was thrilled when a few weeks ago, I was approached to try their new offerings. 

First up is a brush clutch (€22.99) , something I have needed for a while. This contains ten large brush slots suitable for large brushes or you can double up smaller brushes into a slot. 

The F30 Sculpt brush  (€19.99) is a brush I have heard a lot about from Aisling over at Total Makeup Addict and one I have wanted for a while so I was thrilled to finally have my hands on it.At first it took a bit of practice but once I had practiced my contouring skills, this lovely has been used countless times and I find it amazing for contouring.

F42 Large Contour/Powder Brush  (€15.99) is a multi purple brush you can use for contouring, applying powder and highlighting. I have used it to apply my powder and love it. The fibres are really soft and I find the powder doesn't cling to the fibres.

F40 Small Tapered Contour Brush is a great companion to the F30. I use it to highlight and help blend any lines I may have from my contour powder. Again the goat hair is so soft. I'm a divil for feeling up makeup brushes.

E42 Pointed Socket Blender (€6.99) is my new best friend when it comes to blending my eye socket when creating a smokey eye. I find with some Socket Blenders make you work an awful lot to get a flawless blend, I'm so glad this offering makes the job so much easier. 

Last up are two more brand new offerings ideal for your handbag is the F20 in a short handle (€13.99) and long handle (€14.99) retractable brush. I'm already a massive fan of the F20 so I'm delighted to see it as a handbag friendly. They are also available in Pink.

Will you be picking any of these lovelies?

*Some images from Blank Canvas Cosmetics, my SD card is acting up and won't load my pics*


  1. F30 looks stunning have to get it!

  2. I am OBSESSED with those new retractable kabukis- such lifesavers in this weather when I am constantly popping on a bit of mattifying powder! :)

  3. I really need to invest in some brushes and really look after them. My real techniques are destroyed

  4. Oh these all look so nice! I like the sounds of the sculpt one and the socket blender!


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